Come here 
I’m bout to take u higher
We about to set 
This love on fire
이런 느낌 처음이야 
엄마도 못 말렸으
내 진심을 말했고 
결국에는 내가 이겼으
Baby u should know u change all 
of my negatives to positive
가시를 세우고 있지만 
볼 수 있어 너의 장미를
다시금 날 뛰게 만드는 
그 사람이 너란 사실을
아직은 알 수 없겠지만 
내가 전부 다 알게 할게 당신을
나 난 되고파 너 너의 오빠
다른 놈팽이들과는 달리 
뻔한 영화 대사처럼 
들리겠지만 난 식스센스
Yo I’ll be different 
I’ll be missin 
I’ll be kissin 
Ya all the time girl
눈을 떼봐도 맘은 뗄 수가 없어
자 이제 시작이야
I’m yo 포켓몬스터
너도 맘을 주고 나도 내 맘 다 줬어
오늘이 어제보다 행복해졌어
근데 왜 근데 왜

죄인처럼 혼자
네게 연락할 핑계를 찾지 
만나기 전보다 더해 
애인이란 이유로는 부족한 지 
맨날 단답 ㅇㅇ 잔다 ㄴㄴ 
10 바이트를 안 넘는 메시지
넌 의지를 잃은 키퍼 
난 허허벌판을 달리는 메시지 
그래 처음부터 
이게 공평할 수 없는 
게임이란 건 알았어 
널 이기고 싶던 건 아니었지만 
계속 지고 싶지도 않았어
조금은 달달하게 
막 깨가 쏟아지진 않아도
남들처럼 팔짱을 딱 끼고 
때로는 위로와 진심을 담아서
서로를 위하는 것 
니가 무미건조한 것도 
난 항상 너의 밑에 서 있으니까 
under stand
널 목마처럼 받치고 있는 
난 아무것도 할 수가 없어 
어느새 습관이 되어 버린 썩소
넌 또 좋지도 나쁘지도 않다고 해
내가 앞서가니 아닌 건 아닌 건데
내 짝 있는 짝사랑 난 바래 
막 하는 막사랑
좀 잡아줘 이건 꼭 상대 없는 
줄다리기 같잖아 what you say
Aah baby don’t you play
니가 불길이라도 꿋꿋이 걸을게
그러니까 제발 모르는 사람 
보는 듯한 눈빛으로 날 보지 마
자꾸 내가 네게 아무것도 
아니던 그때가 생각나니까

What am I to you girl
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you
이랬다 저랬다 사람 
맘 좀 헷갈리게 하지 마
자꾸 이딴식일 거면 
계약서에 도장 찍자
하루에 뽀뽀 몇 번 카톡 몇 번
그래 그렇게까지 해놓으면 
속이 좀 시원해질까
What am I to you girl 
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you


Come here
I’m bout to take u higher
We about to set
This love on fire
This is the first time I’m feeling this way
Even my mom couldn’t stop me
I told you my sincerity
And in the end, I won
Baby u should know u change all
Of my negatives to positive
Though you are raising your thorns
I can see your rose
You don’t know yet that
You’ll be the one that
Will make my heart race again but
I’ll make sure that you learn it all
I, I want to be your oppa
Differently from those other scrubs,
I want your affirmation
It might sound like a cliche movie line but
I have a sixth sense
Yo I’ll be different
I’ll be missin
I’ll be kissin
Ya all the time girl
I might be able to take my eyes off you but
My heart cannot be taken away from you
Now is the beginning
I’m yo Pocket Monster
You gave me your heart, and I gave you all of mine
I’ve become happier today than yesterday
But why, but why

Why am I finding excuses to contact you
By myself like a criminal
It’s worse than before we started dating
Is it not enough reason as your lover
Every time the response is mmhmm, I’m sleeping, nono
Messages that don’t go over 10 bytes
You’re a goalkeeper that lost their will
I’m Mesi who is running across a plain
Okay, I knew from the start that
There was no way this would be a fair game
I didn’t want to win over you
But I didn’t want to keep losing to you either
Just a little sweetly
Even if we weren’t a storybook couple
Just to intertwine our arms like everyone else
Sometimes supporting each other
With words of comfort and honesty
I understand
That you can be unaffectionate
I am always standing beneath you
Under stand
I am supporting you on my shoulders
And I can do nothing else about it
Eventually my bitter smile has become a habit
You say that you don’t like me nor do you dislike me
Am I getting ahead of myself, even though what isn’t right, isn’t right
I hope for a unrequited love with my other half
To recklessly have a wreckless love
Please hold onto me, this feels like
A tug-o-war without an opposing team, what you say
Aah baby don’t you play
Even if you are a fiery path, I want to walk across it all the way
So please don’t look at me
As if I’m someone you don’t know
Because it’s reminding me of the days
When I meant nothing to you

What am I to you girl
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you
Stop confusing a person’s feelings
By saying one thing then saying another
If you’re going to keep being like this
Let’s sign a contract
Giving kisses how many times a day, Kakaotalk messaging each other how many times
Okay, if we go that far
Would I feel better
What am I to you girl
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you


Trans cr; Nara & Yein @ bts-trans